ARGH (Animals Revolt aGainst Humans)


Your mission: find allies and the necessary components to build a bomb. Avoid the humans and the animals that remain faithful to them. Cleverly deduce the intentions of your opponents while cutting deals to your advantage, and ARGH will forever be celebrated in the annals of animal liberation history.


In ARGH! players take the role of rival animal operatives fighting to stop the evil human scientists from experimenting on any more innocent animals. Ratchet, the leader of ARGH! has charged you with destroying the lab once and for all. Unfortunately, he has also charged other animals with the same task and there is not enough glory for all! Act quickly, find allies where you can and anything you can do to hinder your rival freedom fighters couldn’t hurt either…right?


On your turn you will draw a card from one of three decks (Garden, House and Laboratory), look at it in secret and decide to keep it face up or give it to another player face down. Without knowing what the card is, that player then chooses to keep it face down or return it to you face up. Play continues in this way until one of the three decks is empty or any player has two face-up bomb cards.


A player with two bomb cards is declared the winner but if a deck runs out first, each player reveals all their face down cards. If nobody has two or more bombs, the value of their cards will determine each player’s final score. Check out the official rule book for a complete rule explanation.

  • Ages:


  • Players:

    2 to 6

  • Time:

    5 - 15 mins


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