• Ken

Game Of The Week #1: Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is a team bluffing game consisting of 2 teams, Liberals, and Fascists. The liberals job is to enact 5 Liberal policies or kill Secret Hitler. The Fascists job is to enact 6 fascist policies, or get Secret Hitler elected to Chancellor.

At the start of the game, if you use the Secret Hitler Companion App, Wil Wheaton tells all players to close their eyes and then instructs the Fascists and Hitler to make themselves known to each other through various methods based on the number of players.

To start, someone is President, they must nominate a Chancellor, and convince the other players to vote that President/Chancellor combination into power. Once elected the president draws 3 policy tokens, discards 1, hands the remaining 2 to the Chancellor who must discard 1 and enact the other, not allowing any other players to see what policies were discarded. If the President/Chancellor combination does not succeed in their bid to be voted in, the election tracker token is advanced one space. If 3 elections in a row result in a failed election then the top policy is enacted immediately.

As more fascist policies are enacted, the president gains new powers that might enable them to more easily tell who the fascists are or hopefully, kill the Secret Hitler.

Our very first Game Of The Week was not a huge success, but that is my fault for choosing a game that requires at least 5 people to play. As there were only 4 of us in total we were unable to play Secret Hitler and instead played Doctor Who Fluxx.

While we didn't get to play Secret Hitler in our first week, we did manage to get a game in after a few games of our 3rd Game Of The Week, RED7.

We played a round of Secret Hitler with 6 players, 5 of whom were very attentive and one who was in and out of the room cooking dinner for a houseful of people and the game still managed to flow quite well. Each round was easy to pick up with little confusion about what had to happen next. We all had a blast playing and the Fascists seemed to win with little effort and some great acting on their part. Looking forward to being able to play it again

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